Monday, September 8, 2014

S9:E10 "Elder Bednar has come"

So it was a pretty good week this week. Ate some good food, had some fun times... BUT, this time the highlights won't be all the food I ate, but rather the fact that an apostle of the Lord came here to Denmark! :D This will be the first time in over a year and a half that I will try not to talk about food.

But I will just start out by talking about the visit with the apostle. Way spiritual, and not at all what I was expecting. The entire meeting was question answer based, before the meeting, he asked us to study 3 talks that he had previously given. So at the beginning of the conference, he asked questions about what we learned, why we learned it and so on. Then after that, the roles were switched and we were asking the questions. It was super special for me because the things that I learned weren't necessarily the things that were talked about, but they definitely did come from the spirit. He is a super talented speaker as well. It was neat because he was teaching us about how to ask questions, and how we should teach investigators, through his example of asking us questions. But at the same time, he was teaching us pieces of the gospel, and little pieces of spiritual knowledge. It was like a lesson inception. Elder Bednar IS an apostle of Jesus Christ. He has the apostolic keys that were on the earth in times past. It's a huge blessing for us to have the prophet and apostles in our lives today. We should listen to them, and take heed to what they say. These men know a lot about what we should do here in life. We just have to keep learning line upon line, precept upon precept.

But besides that way awesome mission conference, we had a good week. We met with Simon and tried to sort out some things with him. Simon and Lise Lotte are two people who really want the gospel to be a part of their lives, but they are having so many problems as a couple that they can't let it in right now. It's sad, but it's getting better. We have just been trying to replace the arguments and things with the gospel and scriptures. 

We also got to play tennis with Ashley and Mario, and we shared a spiritual thought with Mario afterwards. We talked about the sacrament, and the importance of it. 

Wednesday was a fun day for us. We did service all day. :) We started off by helping an older couple pull up some massive roots from a garden. I ended up breaking a metal pitchfork... I felt pretty bad about that. The lady we were serving came out and was like "I don't know where I can get another one like that. I really liked that one." So we started off with that, then we traveled down south to help out another member. This time we were cleaning up a front yard and weeding and things for this girls daughter. It was a way special experience. Because the daughter just barely had her husband leave her, and the house has turned into a mess and she didn't really have any money or anything to keep the house. So it was the least we could do. But after we were done there, we shot up to Marias to do some painting at her new house. I was way tired when we got home, but it was a very good day. 

It was also Elder Gines' birthday this week! So we got to celebrate that by helping out Maria some more, then going to Ikea and buying ice cream. Then to finish the night off, we had a nice appointment with Ana, and all the missionaries and some others that we teach. A sweet birthday party finish.

The rest of the time was just meetings, we had a mission leadership meeting, then we had the elder Bednar conference. 

A very good, memorable week. Love you all, remember who you are and choose the right!

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