Monday, October 6, 2014

S10:E1 "Now let the story begin"

It's been a good week for me. Nothing too crazy happened. Although I got a new companion. His name is Elder Ludlow, and I was in the MTC with him, and I am way excited to be with him. I have a feeling that this transfer is just going to fly by, and that we are going to do a lot of work here as well.

But we had a fun family home evening this week, we had quite the turn out of new converts. We taught a good lesson on Christ and why he is important to us, and why we needed his atonement. Then we played a game that the sisters led out, called "big booty". It was just your run of the mill girls camp rhythm game, and let's just say that I was "the big booty", champion of that game. Simon and Lise Lotte have been doing alright, no huge fights in the past little bit. So we are way happy for that. 

Tuesday was a good day as well. We planned for zone training, and then we ate with Simon and Lise Lotte, and talked about repentance, and how we can be repentant. How we should feel remorse, then try to make things better and say sorry, then not redo it and so on. It was a good lesson, and a good thing to clarify.  

We had a way bold lesson with Asger, a less active that we know and are working with. We pretty much just kept bringing up the question of why he doesn't want to come to church, until he actually answered us. It was a good lesson, just very bold. We also had a nice chat with an investigator named Leonard, and taught a short lesson on Prophets and told him to watch General conference. 

We had our zone training, which was just role playing how to implement some things we are trying to change in the mission, then we had our zone activity, which went very well. We just played a whole ton of sports. Soccer, capture the flag, then frisbee. We were all pooped by the end of it, but that's how it should be. 

I also got to have an interview with President Sederholm. It was good to talk to him, and I learned a lot. Although it was weird, he brought up how I only have around 5-6 months left, then asked me if I would prefer to go home in March or May. I told him March because that would be much better when it comes to finding a job. But I would be happy either way. :) I always enjoy those interviews, it's always a spiritual experience. 

We told more service for Maria... which was normal service. Then we had an eating appointment with a lady in the ward who is scary. She is the type of old lady that is just mad for being mads sake. She is super duper judgemental of what people do, so you have to watch yourself when you are with her. But I think(hope) that I'm on her good side now. 

We also got to see Fred! I love the black man. He is super funny and he really wants to do his best to follow Christ. 

Saturday we had a little birthday party for Ashley before we played soccer. We made some breakfast for him in the church, then had the gang together. 

General conference was way good, I highly recommend watching or listening to it, and then reading it. There was a lot of good stuff there. I personally really liked Elder Christoffersons talk. 

Love you all, congrats to Phill for getting married.

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