Monday, October 13, 2014

S10:E2 "Right on time"

I'm already back to writing all of you again. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was doing this. But this week consisted of a ton of eating appointments.

But big news is that this saturday I will be going to Germany again for the baptism of Anders Steen! I'm so excited for that! It'll be me and Elder Holbrook again, going all the way down. :) Nothing better than that. 

We spent a lot of time working with a member named Daniel. He is someone who has hit rock bottom and it's hard for him to really do anything. But we had a way good lesson with him, and it was a weird invite we gave him, but we committed him to 1. shave his beard because it looked gross, 2. Finish washing his clothes and 3. Start cleaning up his house. Like I said, he was someone who had hit rock bottom... But it was actually awesome because later that night we saw him with a clean face, and he had washed his clothes, AND started cleaning up his apartment. But the best part was that he felt good, like he actually did something and that he was on his way up instead of just staying on the same level or being stuck in a rut.

We also got to teach Simon and Lise Lotte, and that went pretty well. But they had a fight afterwards... makes me scared for ever getting married. But I think that they are over it again and that they are doing well. 

Oh... I screwed up a 120 dollar tile carpet thingy for Maria. I felt way bad because she actually trusted me to cut it right. We just forgot to measure a little lip of the stairs, so there was a gap right there. That was a pretty lame day. 

But we got to eat at Flemmings again, the greatest family ever. It was a lot of fun, and we convinced Flemming to play a prank on one of the missionaries here. So that's in the works and I'm way excited for it. 

We had an awesome lesson with Ashley, that answered what he had been going through recently. We shared the Elder Oaks talk from General conference. And that talk was the one that talked about how we need to love everyone, unconditionally, no matter who they are, or what they do. A way good talk, I highly recommend watching it. Then we just started talking about how it's up to us to react the way that Christ would. That we need to focus on being Christlike, and loving God and our neighbor. 

Another talk that we have been using is the one from Elder Bednar. He gives a great analogy of how we work as humans and why we try to share the things we share. (specifically with the gospel) 

We also got to Eat with Lin, our awesome chinese member. But Simon, our Swedish investigator came with us. It was a lot of fun. And Lin tried to super spicy hot sauce. I felt so bad for the poor little asian. He looked so miserable. 

But everything is going well with me. Nothing too crazy has happened. Love you all, have a great week!

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