Monday, August 18, 2014

S9:E6 "How to make no friends, and influence nobody."

Well... would you look at that. It's me again. :D Hopefully got some good stories for all y'all.

Monday we went to a nutso little greenhouse thing. It looks like a giant alien Godzilla egg, but it was like the amazon inside of it. We got some good pictures, but sadly, I don't have them with me. So I can't send them home. :P But that was an adventure. Then we finished the day off buy stopping by a guy named Rafik. He was a way nice guy who has been meeting with the missionaries for a long time now. We just got to know him, and said a prayer together. It was a very good p day. 

Tuesday was started by playing Tennis with the British man, or in other words, Ashley. So that was way fun. then we shared a little message with him, talked about testimonies, and what it is to have a testimony. It reminded me of something I read this morning from the Book of Mormon, where if you have a true knowledge of something, then it's not really faith. Just remember that we do act in faith, in all things. :) After Ashley, we went and had a good lesson with a Greenlandic lady named Bitten. That went well. I love Greenlandic people. They are so amazing. What was crazy is that she knew about Judithe Jørgensen from Aalborg. (The girl that got baptized up there) I guess Judithe really is a famous singer.  But after that lesson we went to Simon and Lise Lottes for a birthday party. It was a blast. There was so much of that hot sauce consumed. I felt bad for everyone. But we had to hurry home from the party because that morning we locked ourselves out of our apartment. So we got the key from the other elders, then grabbed our stuff to travel to Copenhagen for a mission conference. 

Wednesday was said mission conference. It was elder teixeira who came and visited us. I learned so much. Before the actually meeting, we had a little leadership meeting, where it was just the zoneleaders. I have a lot to learn and work on when it comes to being a leader and an example. But after the meeting, and seeing everyone in the mission, we stuck around because we were going on splits with the assistents. So that went all fine and dandy. That night, we did some service on splits moving a whole ton of stones. It made me realize how out of shape my arms are now. 

Thursday morning was working in Copenhagen with the Assistants, we had a good lesson with one of their less active members who is making his way back to church. Then we zoomed outta there so I could get back to Århus for an appointment. We taught this appointment, which went well enough. He wasn't too positive but he said that he wants to take a 14 day pause with lessons. Which is fair enough. Then we had a lesson with a member, Daniel. T'was a good day. 

Friday rolls around, we taught a lesson to Ashley. We watched the Restoration movie that the church has. That went well. Then we had a little Young adult party in the church, and we helped out with that. It was a lot of fun. 

Saturday, we were set up to have a lot of lessons... but we got burned a lot. So we ended up having one lesson with Leo, our nice less active friend. We talked about who the Holy Ghost, and the purpose of it. (John 14:26-27) It was a good lesson. 

Sunday was church, then meeting, then we tried stopping by a referral who wasn't home. Then we ate at Marias. Got to see Victor again, the little French man. Then we stopped by 2 of our investigators and got their phone number because we forgot to get it the last time we were with them. 

But now I'm here. Doing just fine and dandy. I hope that everything is going well with you! 


Ældste Swan

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