Monday, August 11, 2014

S9:E5 "The Sermon on the Savage Geese"

Hello again everyone. I am back with some good news! I'm still alive! Going strong! And we had a good zone training this week. But a quick run through of what I have done with my life in the past week:
Beginning with more drama from our neighborhood couple Simon and Lise Lotte. But we figured it all out and had a good lesson and a good dinner with them. We talked about how we need to endure to the end in all things. But especially that we need to have hope in all things. After that, we tried to stop by one of our investigators named Fred. He had a baptismal date, but I have never met him, so we haven't had contact with him in the past 5 or 6 weeks. :/ Oh well, we will get in touch with him.

We also got to help my good friend Victor move some things on tuesday. Gosh I love that kid. Just a funny french kid who likes to nerd out. So we get a long, and we have about the same sense of humor. This was also the day that we planned out our zone training. It was all about commitments. Having faith in commitments, and having faith that the people will do them. 

Wednesday was more moving things for Maria this time. (Maria and Victor live in the same house... just like a big apartment place) So that was fun. Then we had a good lesson with Leo. We found out that he is way Christian. Which was interesting. Because this is the same guy that says that God is an idea. So we had a way good chat about why Christ was here on earth, and what it means for us. We also talked about our purpose, and our relationship with God. It was a way good chat. We finished off the day by watching a movie with Ashley. (the english investigator that wrote the song I sent home). That was a blast. We watched 17 miracles, and Ashley had some way funny comments throughout the film. It was like MST3K. After the movie we set up the church for zone training...

and zone training happened. It went way well. Even though the Sisters who were giving a little thought went waaaaay over their time. We were still able to cram our message in. We focused a lot on how we need to be the example, but as the example we needed to have faith in them around us. We also talked a lot about following up, and how we need to remind the investigators and we need to remind eachother. It was fun to see the zone, and I don't know why, but the zone training just drained all the energy from my body. We finished off the day by eating some dinner with Victor and Maria. We showed Victor and his friends a mormon message ( way good one. It was the first time I was able to have a conversation with Victor on religion. It was a neat experience.

We had another good lesson with Ashley, talking about why we have the scriptures, and what they do for us. It's an important thing to get that spiritual light every day. 

We also met a new younger couple and we talked for a while with them, just about life and stuff. We also got to talk about the church for a little bit. It was crazy, these two were so smart. They both studied economics. But the guy went to Harvard for a year, and he pretty much just said that as a passing statement. So I learned a lot from those two. 

Sunday was good. I enjoy church. We had yet another lesson with Ashley. But this time we mixed it up and just watched a talk from Elder Holland. We also had a good lesson that night with Ana, the girl that got baptized 2 months ago. She is still doing way well. Although that lesson was one where the member who was there tried to take over and say everything that even crosses his mind... it's kind of irritating. But oh well. :D

That was my week. I hope that you all have a great week, and keep smiling!

Ældste Swan

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