Monday, August 4, 2014

S9:E4 "The drama takes flight"

Hey all. We had quite the busy week with travel and splits with other missionaries and things. So this email probably won't be the longest thing, but I will attach the song that was inspired by me.

But starting off on last monday, we wrote home, bought food, drank some bubble tea (Delicious stuff) Then we had an appointment with some way nice members. It is actually pretty strange because a past missionary married their daughter. And they were there. (What's really weird is that this guy was on his mission while I was here) But we had a way fun time. They are a way nice family. And they have a kid who is handicapped in a wheel chair named Thomas, pretty much the nicest guy ever. He always just has the biggest smile ever on. Amazing. But after that, we got summoned by our investigators, Simon and Lise Lotte. They were just having some dramatic problems and we showed up and heard them out, shared a little spiritual thought then prayed with them. It seemed to help. We also committed them to praying together every night. And that went well for them. One thing I never wouldn't expected is how much drama and things I would hear as a missionary. It's insane.

Tuesday was a good day. We did zone reports. Which just means we made calls for a long time in the morning. Then we went and taught Simon and Lise Lotte again, things were going way better. We talked about the power of prayer and how answers can come. It was a good little follow up. Then we traveled up to a little town called Skive for splits. 

Splits was pretty straight forward. We had fun. They made us some good food. Then we eventually made it home again. It was special because on the way home, Elder Gines and I were able to stop by someone that Elder Gines taught. This guy got baptized after Elder Gines left, so it was a nice little reunion. 

Thursday was district meeting, then weekly planning, then we travelled to Copenhagen for a leadership meeting. It was way fun. I got to see some good friends again, and ate some delicious food made by Sister Sederholm. 

Friday was the meeting, then we traveled home. Got home in time to teach a lesson to Anne, the girl from Portugal that got baptized a little while ago. :) It went way well. We talked about missionary work and the blessings that come from it. 

We actually got to work a little on Saturday! We played soccer in the morning. Then taught a lesson to Ashley. Then we had a lesson with Thomas right after, now that went way better than planned. We had our ward mission leader with us, and it was the first time I felt like we actually had some common ground with Thomas, and that he learned from our lesson. We focused on the Atonement, but it kinda bounced everywhere. We finished the night off by visiting Daniel, a way nice guy in the ward who is going through some trials in his life. So I was way thankful for the oppurtunity to be with him and to try to help him out. 

Sunday was fun, we wanted it to be more effective but it got taken away from us. We had church, then we were going to teach Ashley, but we all got invited to Marias house and just cleaned up and helped make food all day, which was fun and good. I had a nice conversation with an investigator named David and kinda what he believes in now. So good came out of it. 

Now I'm here writing. Life is good. Choose the right! 


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