Monday, July 21, 2014

S9:E2 "Don't listen to your parents! Listen to your mind!"

Hey everyone! I'm doing just smashing! Århus is a nice area, and being a zone leader didn't really change much of what I do at all. I hope that everything is going well with all of you.

So this week was a blast. We started off on Tuesday with playing tennis with this way funny British investigator. That was a good start. We also had a way good  lesson with him. Then we had a sweet lesson with this couple named Simon and Lise Lotte, who have been investigating the church quite a while. They are living in Århus for a couple weeks because Simon is going through a rehab program for drinking. Which is working wonders. We just had a way chill chat with them. Got to know them and figured out what they want from the church. They both want the church in their lives to bless their baby, because they know that this will be the greatest blessing they can give him. AND with Simon, his occupation is a video game tester, right? :D Way awesome. Then to finish the night off, we went to SUV, which is just the institute thingy for the young single adults. They have a nice ward here, I'm excited to get to know them even better.

Wednesday went pretty well too. We went on splits at a place called Horsens. I went with a kid I knew pretty well from before the mission. Elder Bateman. He was in drumline with me. So we had a lot of fun talking about Mapleton and things, we also had some way good lessons. Nothing too exciting happened on splits. :P

Thursday we had district meeting, and it was weird to not be the one giving the lesson. But... things change in life haha. Then we went and had a lesson with Thomas which didn't go as well as I would've hoped. :P He has a testimony of the book of mormon, but doesn't believe that he has to do anything now, that just his faith will save him alone. Kinda kills me, because I feel like that defeats the purpose of faith if you don't do anything with it. But hopefully something will change in his life. :) After that we had a way good eating appointment with some members, and we completely shocked them, with how awesome we are. They were kind of in doubt on inviting missionaries over, but then we just had a way fun time, and had a nice little spiritual discussion after. It was amazing.

Friday was... alright. We did some stop bys, then weekly planning. Then we got lost because we took the wrong bus. And because of that, we missed our appointment with our investigator. :( But we finished the day off with some more stop bys. So it was all right. 

Saturday was soccer in the morning! :D Got to see and play with the British guy again. He is pretty much my most favorite guy in the world. After that we had another lesson with Thomas. Nothing changed. He told us he had a strong belief in the book of mormon, but didn't want to do anything with it. Then we went and stopped by some people. But while on the way, this way drunk middle aged greenlandic woman stopped us and started ranting. It started off nice enough just talking about how she is Christian. But then she got mad... then sad... then mad again. I thought she was going to kill us in the end. So as we started finally walking away from this woman she turns around and says "Don't listen to your parents! Listen to your mind!" and points at her forehead. So after this traumatizing experience, we took a little breather to laugh about it, then continued on our merry way. 

Sunday was church, then we got summoned to help move a table for this girl named Maria, but the table turned into a lot of things. And we ended up being there all day because we also had an eating appointment with her. I got to talk to her mom, who is this way smart marketing person, and I learned a lot from that. Yay! :D So it was a very good day.

Now I'm here, same as usual. Love you all, stay strong!

Ældste Swan

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