Monday, July 14, 2014

S9:E1 "A new place, a new beginning"

Hello hello hello! I am out of Aalborg sadly... but life continues on! I made it safe and sound into Aarhus, a lovely little college town. And my companion is Elder Gines, the other Snare drummer in the mission. So I'm excited for this. But I forgot my old planner, so I will try to say a little something something that happened in the past week.
It was mainly saying bye to people. We had a nice little appointment with Kate, we started talking about a goal to get her into the temple! YES! :D she is an awesome lady. That would make my day if she made it to the temple while I was here. 

I also got to say bye to the Frosts. We had a nice eating appointment. They are such a fun little family. Then I said bye to Malik Jørgensen, I'm gonna miss him a ton. The Greenlander that got baptized while I was there. We had a nice conversation about when things get hard in life. To focus on the testimony that you do have, not the testimonies you don't have. I always love talking about it. Because it's a very helpful little principle. Ummm... I got to see Familien Mathiasen as well, another awesome family. We shared Alma 17:2-3 with them, and talked about how we need to stay strong in the faith so that when we see eachother again, we will be as happy as they were in the scripture. It was a nice little feel good lesson. 

Ummm... we met with Abdi, who going through a way hard time and not liking his life... at all. So we talked some sense into him. Luckily. So that was an exciting day. 

Sakarias (Judithes Uncle) is back! Which means he is out of money so he can't by booze anymore... but still. We got to teach him a little, and he was at church! It was kind of a perfect way of ending off my time in Aalborg. 

Ummm.... Frozen yogurt places are taking over the town of Aalborg. Which is ridiculous. We walked past one being build, then 30 minutes later we walked past it again and it was the grand opening. This was the second one opening in the past 2 weeks! Scary scary things. 

I'm still doing well, still alive. This is kind of a short one because everything I do through the week just gets all mushed together into this big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff.  

Love you all, and hope you have a great week!

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