Monday, May 27, 2013

S2:E01 "Ganja... Ganja everywhere"

Hey everybody! I made it to Oregon safe and sound, don't worry. Everything is going well with me, in my life, personally. So nothing really happened in the MTC since I wrote you, I just packed that day then left the next morning.
When I got to Oregon it was quite boring. We just had this orientation meeting, which involved sitting, and them saying that almost everything they were teaching us didn't apply to "visa waiters". Then we drove to my area, which is Cave Junction, got back at like 11:30 and went to bed because I was dead tired. (But on the way we got taco bell, which is AMAZING!) 

The next day the mission life began, woke up at 6:20, and went for a run on this awesome track that is surrounded by trees. It would be perfect for playing ultimate. Got back from that whole experience and showered and began studying/planning. We planned, and studied, and planned some more. Then we went out. The first thing we did was go to a place called Taylor's Sausage. They have amazing fries, and now I have a huge love for beer battered fries. We went finding for a bit. Did my first door approach, and boy was it exciting. I got to introduce myself, then he shut the door after saying "nope, nope". There is the tale of my first door approach. 

So I got put into an area where there is going to be a baptism  His name is Paul, and he is the coolest person ever. He is getting baptized this weekend which is cool, although I had nothing to do with it. :P

But continuing on, the mission field is cool. We are spoiled here, because the ward is feeding us every single night... it's gonna be a slap to the face in Europe, when I actually get skinny because they aren't cramming food in my face. But I am super appreciative of the ward members, they are amazing people. I will now tell you some random contacting stories that have happened to us this week.

So, this story began before I was even in the field. They had contacted this girl, who was very interested and they set up an appointment to meet with her. When they went to meet with her, they found her husband, who didn't want them to come in and teach his wife something that he didn't know. (trying to protect his family) So this guy ended up going to the church (that was across the street) and telling the bishop to not have missionaries knock his door anymore. So later on, I come along, and we met this lady on the street who wanted us to pray for her. So we prayed with her, and taught her about the Book of Mormon and gave her one. We planned on meeting with her at the park by our house the following day. So the following day comes up, and we are chilling at the park, and she doesn't show up. So we start playing hacky sack while we wait. Then, to our dismay, the guy that told the bishop to not have missionaries knock his door anymore comes over and starts playing with us. We talked and played for a bit, then we got talking about religion, and we contacted him and he was open with it. His name is Don, and he is a great man. I believe that when his life settles down he will be a strong investigator.This was a miracle, pretty much. :P

Onto the next one. This happened last night. We were walking home from our meeting with a less active, and we we walking through the park that the first story talked about. We saw this kid playing basketball and we asked if we could shoot with him. So we were shooting around for a bit, talking, and once again we talked about some religion and he was interested. So we have an appointment with him this week, which is awesome. 

So I'm pretty sure that park, that is filled with hobos and drugs, is a place of miracles.

But as the title says, i'm pretty sure I am in the zone with the most use of marijuana. (That stuff is everywhere) Random fact of the day for you all. 

Oh yeah, so we were meeting with this less active who was drinking some beer... a little buzzed. But then her brother comes along who was completely hammered. He mainly just tried to argue with us, and whenever he would talk he would start off by saying "You know that I'm a Christian, right?" But it's like all of his points didn't really make sense. His main thing was that the bible was enough scripture and that the Book of Mormon wasn't from God because of that. Then my companion pulled out his scriptures and started flipping through them. The drunk guy just started telling him to read marked scriptures. So he read one in Corinthians, I can't remember what it was. Then he read one in Moroni... after he read that scripture in Moroni, the drunk guy said... "That was one kick #$% scripture." Then he said that it was definetly from Jesus. We both were just like... You're right, it is from Jesus. It's also from the Book of Mormon. He was shocked, and it was cool. I know he won't remember it at all. But it might have helped his sister build her testimony. (oh drunk people -.-)

But anyways, the church is true, stay awesome in everything that you do.

I love you <3

Elder Swan

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