Tuesday, May 14, 2013

S1:E05 "The end of what could've been endless"

Another week has come and gone. It was a good week, we got our travel plans. I will be leaving the MTC on the 20th (Tentative), but more likely the 21st which is what we heard from a source which cannot be named.
This week we had an incidence in our zone of some missionaries being dumb -.- so we got lessons on obedience a lot. But Brother Pullan, one of my teachers told us a really powerful testimony about his mission and missions in general. He told us not to waste any time, that you don't won't a single regret on your mission, and that it is the most important thing you can do. He just told us so strongly how important it is to do everything you can while you are on your mission, and not to hold back anything. On Sunday we got to watch a talk by Elder Holland that talked about this. I believe it's called... "Mission are forever" or something to that extent.  He told us that this will mostly likely be the only 2 years that we apostolic, and that we need to treat it that way. He also said that this is the closest to the 12 we will probably ever get in our life. He also talked about how missions are real life. That your aren't leaving "real life" for two years, but your mission is the most real it will ever get. Another thing that stood out to me is that we have more power than the president, prime minister, etc. because of our calling/priesthood, and that we need to "act like it". But the main thing I got out of it, was when he talked about the atonement and conversion. He told us he has wondered many times why missionary work is so hard, why people don't just automatically believe in Christ. He said "Why is this so hard" (talking about conversion) then he followed it up by saying "Why should it be easy for us, if it wasn't easy for Him?", it made me realize just how strong the power of the atonement is, we need to take how we act, and what we do, every day, and realize that we are following Christ and that he is with us.
So Joseph Nemelka is in the floor above me in the residence halls. Which is cool because I can talk to him, and show him the ropes of the MTC. But Nick is in the other building, so he is on his own. Being in the MTC I realized just how great volleyball is. It is so much fun to play. Also, thanks for the cookies Lauren, they were good and my zone liked them. (Nick says thanks too.)
So on Saturday for lunch they had burgers, so I decided to be a man. I ate a 4 patty burger, which was amazing by the way. I'm honestly suprised I haven't had a heart attack yet considering how much food I have eaten.
The title of this email comes from something Brother Williamson (Teacher) did on his mission. After getting dear johned, he had a photo album of there relationship, and had to do something epic with it to get rid of it forever. So he tied a rock to it, went to the very top of U-land, (The part of Denmark connected to Germany, google map it). At the point of it he wrote on the book "The end of what could've been endless", and threw it into the ocean. (I though of Gob) I thought it was a fitting title because this will most likely be my last email to you from the MTC.
Yesterday for TRC we got to skype with someone from Denmark. It was really cool, i'm so excited to get out there. We just talked about what to expect and what to look for. Although I forgot to ask him what food I should eat when I get over there. He did teach me a tongue twister though:
Stativ Stakit Kasket
Kom nu sig det det da let
Which is pretty cool, I know that means nothing to you guys, but I may as well tell you.
I just want you to know that the church is true, we can feel Christ's love in everything that we do and that we should show love to everyone that we talk to or interact with.
I love you all, you are all the best <3
Elder Swan

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