Monday, November 10, 2014

S10:E6 "A Gentlemans Challenge"

Hello again,

First things first, we had our thanksgiving event here in Århus a lot of missionaries. We gave a way good training where we shared the starfish story. (look it up, about the kid throwing them into the ocean) and we just talked about how everything counts. Then we ate delicious food. We had the talent show which was amazing. He had been spending some time coreographing a dance for this thing. It was great. I will try to find a way to send it to you all. Then we held the turkey bowl, and our district won even though we were definitely the underdogs. 6 people vs 9. No big deal.It was so much fun though, I love the missionaries here, and being zone leader is fun because I get to know them even better. 

Another big thing is that Elder Holbrook and I were able to go to the temple this past weekend. We got to see Andrea go for the first time. It was such a spiritual experience, and it was awesome to see someone that I care so much about, really enjoy and practice her religion. She has changed so much through the year that I've known her. She is just happy and more optimistic about everything. It was awesome because the people in the temple when I was there was a mix between Aalborg members and Sønderborg, and those 2 are probably my favorite wards here. 

Fred is still doing well. We were able to meet with him a few times throughout the week and he really wants to come to church events now. He is trying to find if this is something he once or not, which is awesome. He is also one of the people we are teaching that I can say he is my good friend. I just get along with him. 

Sad news with Ashley... way sad. He started drinking again, and he is scared that we will look down on him because he slipped again. It was way sad to see him drunk, because he is another one of those people who really was my friend, and is my friend. So keep him in your prayers! We will be trying our best to help him out. Addictions are a bad thing... and way hard to come over.

More sad news is that Simon, the guy who we were teaching that moved up to Frederikshavn started drinking again as well. So this week was pretty up and down for me in my emotions. 

Roy is doing well, our good englishman. We have had some good meeting with him, and he was even in church on sunday! He really enjoyed it, even though one of our members tried to screw it up by getting into an argument with him right before he left. We ended up talking with Roy for an hour after that to try and calm him down... members need to remember to be nice to all people at all times! Or else missionaries will be really mad at you, and will probably call you out on it. (That's what I do anyways) But he is doing well, he really likes our visits and he says that he learns a lot from it. 

Ummm... I found out that I'm staying in Århus for Christmas!!! YAY! :D I love this place, and it's gonna be awesome to be in a big city for it. 

Love you all, keep being awesome!

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