Monday, November 3, 2014

S10:E5 "Like a beat of a drum"

Hello again!

I forgot my planner again, so let's see how much I can remember from my brain.

We went to Copenhagen this week because of a leadership council meeting. That was way fun. We went to get something to eat in the city and came across a concert, and a super funny drummer on the street who turned out to be this guy ( A super funny comedian drummer. We asked him to play a Katy Perry song and he just made up a super funny song about how he is a teenage dream. At the concert it was 3 danish rappers, which was pretty sweet, we ate some food while listening to them. Then there were 2 dj's that went up. It was an eventful time in KBH. 

We got home from the leadership training just in time to go to the YSA Halloween party! That was a blast. I didn't come prepared with a costume, but with what I had, I ended up being a member of a boy band. It was great. I also got to be one of the scarers in the spook alley, which was a blast. Elder Brady, one of the elders that I lived with scared the senior sister so bad. Good ol' Halloween. Our investigator Fred showed up to it as well. In the spook alley, he just took a whole ton of selfies with us, which was fun. I love that man. We then played some games. At the end of it all, they started watching this video with Michael Jackson, and Fred and his 2 friends starting dancing along with it. It was one of the greatest things I have ever seen. It was loads of fun. We also had 3 random people that we invited from the street come, and they seemed to have had a good time. Hopefully...

We threw our pumpkins into the river because they got all nasty and moldy. That was fun. #BHC

We also played some soccer on that Saturday, which was fun as always. 

I got to see Inger Fugl again, the cute older lady that we meet with. The same one that I did service for and broke her pitch fork. It was way sad because we were talking about how I broke that thing earlier, then when I was putting my shoe on with her shoe horn, it snapped. I felt so bad. I don't know what things like that always happens to me, but it does. Oh well, thus I am. 

Maria fed us some more. What a nice lady. :) AND we didn't do service for her this week! But she is actually someone who is way nice to us missionaries, even though she doesn't have the easiest life right now. 

We are giving a zone training this week on how to find people, and having faith to find the right people. So that should be fun. We are also having our turkey bowl then. Which has been a pain in the bum to organize, but more time put into it means more fun right?

That's about as much as I can think of right now. I'm still doing great, still loving it here in Ã…rhus. Really hoping that I don't transfer... but you never know.

OH, one last thing. We were talking with Asger, an older less active guy, when his dog out of nowhere starts eating his wall. It was way funny. He would just rub his top teeth on the wall until he got something in his mouth... 

Well that sums up my week haha. Love you all.

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